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Composing A Proper Undergraduate Dissertation Methodology Chapter

A methodology chapter is an important part of an undergraduate dissertation. Giving other researchers enough data to replicate the study is the main goal of this section, so you should be very straightforward and thorough when doing your methodology. Use the following tips to cope with the task well.

How to Get Prepared to Write about Your Dissertation Methodology

  • Check the course requirements.
  • Turn to your advisor or refer to the course handbook to learn about the requirements of your department. You should consistently meet these recommendations in your undergraduate paper.

  • Find a good example.
  • The easiest way to craft a proper methodology chapter is to rely on a well-written sample. You can refer to the dissertations by the university graduates in the library of your institution. If you aren’t in a mood to leave your apartment now, check this site to get access to quality samples of undergraduate papers by professional academic writers.

How to Write Your Methodology Chapter

  • Inform about your research type.
  • Your research type will depend on the sources you use. If these are new and original materials, your research will be primary. However, if you interpret the information that has already been published, your research will be secondary.

  • Write about the type of your research analysis.
  • Your undergraduate dissertation can be based on qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research analysis methods.

  • Give reasons for your choice.
  • Explain why this particular research design is the most appropriate for your study.

  • Describe in details.
  • Whichever research method you choose, be as detailed as possible when describing your methodology. It’s particularly true if you conducted original research and even the slightest details are vital for the proper understanding of the process. Namely, write about the setting, participants, instruments, and procedure of the study in a clear and descriptive way. Inform of the outcomes of each of your steps as well even if they didn’t meet your expectations.

  • Follow the necessary formatting style.
  • Be careful when formatting the methodology chapter of your dissertation. The requirements may differ for different courses, so make sure that the sample you use is relevant.

  • Proofread and edit your work.
  • Check your writing for consistency and search for mistakes. If possible, get it edited in a professional writing agency.

If you take the aforementioned steps, it won’t be difficult to craft a good methodology chapter for your undergraduate dissertation. After all, it’s not about inventing something new, but about describing the research you really conducted. Be honest and attentive, and you’ll tackle the task with ease.

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