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15 Law Topics That Will Make Your Undergraduate Thesis Exceptional

When writing a dissertation based on a topic related law, there are a variety of different ways in which you can approach the assignment. For a start, the topic you choose can differ considerably depending upon the area of law that you are studying. For example, if you are studying criminal law than the title you choose might differ greatly from one which you might choose when studying civil law.

Ultimately, your undergraduate thesis will most likely be improved if you spend enough time thinking of a good topic to write about, rather than simply rushing to start with one of the first things that might come to mind. To give you some idea of topics that you could choose for a range of different areas of law, the following outlines fifteen interesting suggestions. With any luck, these will help you to make your work exceptional.

  1. To what extent should the police be able to enforce punishments - including fines and other minor sentences?
  2. In reference to the criminal justice system, has the war on drugs at any positive effects on society, and what mistakes have been made?
  3. Should people be locked up if they fail to pay fines?
  4. What influence should governments have on the criminal justice system?
  5. How can corruption impede the effectiveness of a criminal justice system?
  6. To what extent does corruption and prejudice exist in legal systems where judges are elected?
  7. With reference to sentencing guidelines in the United States, of people being sentenced fairly according to the crimes they commit?
  8. How effective is the three strikes rule in the United States?
  9. Does the threat of incarceration help to reduce the prevalence of drug use in society?
  10. Should a person’s criminal record be kept for the rest of their life, or should sentences be automatically removed from a person’s record, depending on the crime?
  11. How has the criminal justice system evolved over the past century?
  12. What challenges have been imposed upon the criminal justice system as a result of the rise of the Internet?
  13. How can the criminal justice system use technology in order to ensure justice is served?
  14. Compare and contrast procedures and sentencing in the criminal justice systems of the United States and Great Britain?
  15. Should everybody be entitled to free legal counsel?

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