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Where To Search For A Dissertation Proposal Presentation Example

You may have been told to make a presentation for your dissertation proposal. If you do not know where to start or what to do, consider looking at an example of a presentation like this. By doing this, you can see how someone has attempted this and understand how to make your own.

Look at the below places for an example of a presentation like this:

  • Your college or university
  • Asking seniors who have already made a presentation like this is another place where you may get an example. If you know students who are good academically, ask them. Not all students are willing to help their juniors, but if you are lucky and do get an example of a presentation from your senior, then this is wonderful because this presentation may be such that it may be according to what your college or university prefers. The ones that you find on the internet, you do not know if your teacher will like those types. Therefore try asking around from seniors in your department preferably who are at your college or university.

  • Professor
  • You can ask your professor if they have an example of a dissertation proposal presentation. They may have one that a former student had emailed to them. It is also possible that your professor will give you a presentation that is a good one. Therefore try out this option and ask your professor.

  • On the internet
  • You may find an example of this type of presentation on the internet. Take time to search online. It is possible that the first ones you find are such that they are not very good. Be sure that the presentation example you use is a good example, not some careless, haphazard type of presentation. If you know any good sites, use those. Remember that you need to find a good example and do not think that all examples on the internet are good.

When doing something new it sometimes does become confusing on how to attempt the work. One way to tackle new work is to look at an example of that work done. If you need to make a presentation for your dissertation proposal and do not know how to, consider looking at an example. You can search for one at the places mentioned above and hopefully you may get an example that you can look at and get some good ideas from. Take out time and find an example.

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