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What Is The Average Length Of A Dissertation: An Overview

A dissertation is a long research paper that is presented to a group of scholars found in your specific field. While there is no set length for this, the average seems to vary by subject. The average length for mathematics, for example, is over 150 pages shorter than the average for political science. By the end of this article, you should feel confident choosing a length for your thesis. Read on to learn more.

Factors to Consider When Writing Your Dissertation

In order to determine an appropriate length for your specific thesis topic, there are a number of things you must consider.

  • #1: The Average in Your Field
  • A good place to start may be checking out the average length for dissertations already written in your field. As you search for this information, be sure that it is relevant to current averages, and not averages from decades ago. While you can use this to determine an average, you should also remember that you are not restricted to the average you find. Your paper can be any length as long as the information provided is relevant.

  • #2: Create Chapters Based on Information that Answers Your Thesis
  • In order for your paper to be successful, it must be relevant to the topic that you have chosen. You can add additional information that supports a belief by someone in your field, challenge the idea of someone else (with evidence), draw connections between previously unrelated topics, and more. In order to keep it manageable, however, be sure to narrow your subject down accordingly.

  • #3: Know the Manageability of Your Topic
  • One of the mistakes that people often make is choosing an unmanageable topic. It may be so small that it does not allow you the opportunity to explore it well enough or you may choose something so large that you cannot decide where to end your paper. In order for your work to be successful, however, you must narrow your topic down to a specific area of study. Once you have done this, you will find that you can easily break down your workload into tasks and get started.

The average length of a dissertation can range anywhere from 50 pages or more to more than 300 pages. Follow the above tips to be sure that the length of yours is perfect for the area you are researching.

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