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Winning MBA Dissertation Topics: Talking About Finance

Finance is a relatively wide-ranging topic and can be discussed in relation to issues affecting households all the way through to big businesses; likewise, various rules and regulations may be imposed by governments and other relevant authorities. As a result, you will need to think about what approach you wish to take when selecting dissertation topics.

One thing to keep in mind is how much information will be available – or how easy it will be to gather data. Ideally, you will want to be able to balance your work effectively, so that you spend a reasonable but not excessive amount of time researching the work, which should allow you plenty of time to write the paper.

To give you some ideas to think about, the following is a list of suggestions for various titles relating to finance.

  1. What tools are available to central banks to help stabilize economies and promote favorable costs of finance that ultimately ensure that banks lend money?
  2. Outline and discuss the pros and cons of fixed-rate and variable mortgages and how successful advisers can effectively provide useful suggestions to customers as to what might be best for them based on predictions for the future
  3. Discuss the various terminology used in the finance sector and how individuals might be misled into thinking that somebody with a specific job title might be better qualified than they actually are
  4. In terms of household finances, outline and discuss what can be considered good and bad debt, and how individuals and families should attempt to pay off certain creditors before others, based on what is more financially viable
  5. Discuss the similarities and differences between finance and how easily financial advisors can transfer the skills in the event that they wish to emigrate
  6. How do payday loan companies take advantage of financial regulation in order to provide loans to individuals at what can be regarded as extortionate rates?
  7. To what extent is the government cracking down on payday loan companies that are effectively acting as legalised loan sharks, and what more can be done to protect those use these companies, and who are often the most vulnerable in society?
  8. What options are available to self-employed individuals to help them reduce tax burdens and manage their personal and business finances more effectively?
  9. How cost-effective is it for individuals and small businesses to use financial advisers?
  10. . Why are tax laws so complex and what problems are faced by governments and other relevant bodies when it comes to simplifying existing rules and regulations?

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