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10 Strong Topics For Your MBA Dissertation On Management

Effective management is essential for the smooth running of businesses, both on a small scale or a large and even international scale. As a result, managers are highly paid but also at great risk in case anything goes wrong. Essentially, a good manager will generally help to ensure that a business this as efficient as possible, whereas a bad manager may result in a business becoming unproductive, as well as potentially causing problems with existing employees.

For some ideas of strong topics that you could use for an MBA dissertation related to management, there is a list of 10 suggestions below.

  1. Discuss the way in which economies of scale can help a growing business to streamline the management hierarchy, and how large businesses can fall victim to diseconomies of scale as a result of employees not necessarily knowing senior staff members above potentially their direct manager, and how this can impact upon loyalty for the business
  2. With so much money at stake, managers of soccer clubs in the Premier League in the UK are regularly sacked and replaced as a result of what are regarded to be insufficient results. How effective are these sackings, and considering the huge amount of compensation paid, do they make financial sense?
  3. Discuss the importance of managers ensuring that they are approachable to start members, so as to ensure that staff turnover is kept to a minimum?
  4. What are the main roles of management teams in hospitality industries?
  5. How do management structures differ from public and private sector industries?
  6. The financial crisis of 2008 is often blamed on banking teams, including poor management decisions, yet huge bonuses have been paid to those in positions of leadership and authority - is this fair?
  7. Why do managers and bosses of big multinational or other important businesses find it relatively easy to find new employment despite being sacked in the event of a failure in a previous job?
  8. Discuss the correlation in skill requirements for managers in big businesses and political leaders, and why those in the political spectrum will often have a background in management
  9. How effective are degree courses in management, and are they more successful and applicable than experience or natural born talent?
  10. Does it make sense for businesses to promote employees from within to positions of management, or is it more effective to hire externally?

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