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12 Serious Dissertation Topics For International Marketing

We live in a huge world, with many areas of land yet to be explored by official explorers. Yet, despite the grandeur of our planet, through technology, humans have managed to make our world seem smaller, every day. Through these developments, we are able to conduct business and leisure interactions with persons and companies around the world. These changes have greatly changed the way we live and many countries have come to depend on these relationships for their very survival.

Most governments already know that they need to compete on the global market, the potential for growth is too great to ignore. As a result, the need to develop global marketing principles and strategies has become necessary, leading to the writing of various dissertations on global marketing topics. The following is a list of 12 dissertation topics in global marketing for you to consider:

1. Emerging economies

How does the influence of international markets affect the growth of new economies, with freshly discovered assets to global trade?

2. Small economies

How do small economies fare in a world dominated by giants? This study will attempt to identify effective strategies to help these economies compete.

3. Corruptions

This study will explore the effects of corruption and black market dealings on countries attempting to compete on the global market.

4. Banking principles

This study attempts to show just how much shady banking practice can affect the principle that govern the way a country is able to market itself, on the global market.

5. Taxation in different countries

This study will explore the effects of different taxation principle, both on investors and trade agreements.

6. Language barriers

This study will explore the various language barriers and how they help to shape global marketing practices.

7. Cost of shipping

This study attempts to understand how business are able to overcome high shipping costs, to effectively market themselves to foreign countries.

8. Different laws

This study explore the effects of differing laws on the companies ability to market itself to global markets.

9. Supply and demand

This study explore the effects of extreme supply and demand on market requirements and practices.

10. Growing economies

This study explores the effects of marketing practices on growing economies and and how these economies can affect marketing principles. Is there any differences in the market approach or is it the same as in a stable economy?

11. Cable television

This study explore the effectiveness of cable advertising as a form of global marketing

12. The internet

This study explore the influence the internet has had on import and export practices of developed countries.

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