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A List Of MBA Finance Dissertation Topics For You To Consider

One of the most challenging aspects of developing a good dissertation paper is coming up with a topic. Since many aspects of MBA finance have been covered it helps to choose an area to focus on that is connected to your interests. Whatever you choose to write about there are many ways to find the best topic to ensure you develop a quality project that will help you earn your degree.

How to Choose an MBA Dissertation Topic

What are elements of finance you want to learn about? What are areas in your studies so far you want to explore further? What about reviewing work from other students that created dissertation content? What did they explore with their subject you could follow up with? If you want to focus on something that is considered controversial consider trending topics in the news. When it comes to understanding how to come up with a unique idea consider doing something different to get it.

Brainstorming is a common method of developing raw ideas from scratch. You take something that pops in your head and keep writing down words and phrases associated with it for a few minutes. Then, take the ideas that are most interesting and research them a little. Determine which ideas are worthy of writing a paper about. After a while you will be able to narrow down your ideas to a topic and main idea. You can get guidance on developing an idea from your instructor or fellow colleague. You could even consider swapping ideas with a buddy.

Topic Ideas to Get You Started

When you can’t come up with an idea it helps to have writing prompts to work with. In this case here is a list of basic ideas you could brainstorm and turn into something original. What will you come up with from the following writing prompts?

  1. Shopping habits of millennia’s.
  2. Usual costs related to starting a business.
  3. Analyzing investment habits of the wealthy.
  4. How to help poor people save money.
  5. What is financial risk management?
  6. Credit problems of different countries.
  7. How a credit score or rating for a country is determined.
  8. How does the banking system develop in a developing country?
  9. Comparing financial trends of Asia versus Australia.
  10. Are mutual funds worth investing into?

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