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Instructions For Writing A Doctoral Thesis About English Literature

Writing a doctoral thesis about English literature may seem daunting at first. However, you can easily take the challenge head on and emerge with flying colors by adhering to some proven tips.

Success of a dissertation

Your research paper about English literature would reflect the depth of knowledge you have gained by studying the subject intensively over the course of past few years. You have to defend the research during viva where the experts of English literature would examine your understanding critically.

Instructions to write an engaging doctoral paper

  • Seek out one new aspect of the literature that has never been highlighted or dealt at great length by others and contribute academically to it
  • Explore avenues to place your maverick self’s findings in context and compare the same in critical manner with other prevalent approaches or outlooks
  • Establish a distinct gap to insinuate your novel academic contribution and spelling out hypothesis for explaining the problem and proposing solutions
  • Work in tandem with your guide, carry out extensive theoretical analyses, do literature studies, design experiments, collect relevant data and then draw conclusions
  • Try to stick to the novelty quotient so as to convey the impression that your research forms a distinct contribution to English literature and the proof of originality as showcasing your critical thinking power should be evident; don’t plagiarize
  • Focus more on depth of knowledge rather than breadth
  • The first level structure of the paper should essentially include introduction, motivation, related work, experiments and conclusions; in the said order
  • The tone of narration should be coherent and consistent and your critical evaluation, ideas and other elements should be neatly adjusted to give the feel of holistic work
  • Write in a manner that the paper can be published later on
  • The informative quotient of the headline should be high
  • Steer clear of isolated subsections
  • Over-claiming or under-selling of literary ideas should be avoided and the title should be punchy and semantically resonant
  • The abstract should have the research summarized in first sentence and then expanded later on with the ideal word count being 300 words
  • Literary citations are to be done within double quotes with changed font and immediate referencing to source prior to or after quotes.

You need to state the limitations of your research or conclusion for outlining potential research scope in future Adhering to the aforesaid instructions and keeping the grammar part sound, you can score highly in thesis about English literature.

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