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Writing A Top Notch Doctoral Dissertation: 10 Education Topics To Use

We all wish to have our doctorate and I’m pretty sure that we are all well aware of the hard work it requires to get it. This has not discouraged many people from pursuing their PhD’s, though many of them do struggle from time to time. This is the nature of academics, in fact, many top notch researchers would argue that if it doesn’t give you a headache, its not worth the effort.

As you proceed through the courses, you will eventually be required to complete a dissertation, on your own. This is quite challenging and you should not under estimate the task, do everything in your power to give yourself a good chance. The most important step in writing any paper is the selection of a topic and luckily for you, you are able to select one to your full advantage, if you know how. Consider these 10, top notch topics to use in your doctoral dissertation:

  1. Teaching from young
  2. An attempt to understand the most effective teaching methods to be used on young children, from the preschool level.

  3. Slow learners
  4. In this study, we attempt to uncover the real reason why some students learn slower than others. This will focus on identifying differences in the child’s mental approach to different factors rather than on their ability to comprehend academic tasks.

  5. Fast learners
  6. This study attempts to understand the secrets behind children that are naturally able to learn academic materials on their first attempt.

  7. Teaching strategies

    This study attempts to identify the most effective teaching strategies and the reasons why.

  8. Homework effects
  9. This study will explore the possible benefits of giving students large amounts of homework to complete.

  10. Parental involvement
  11. This study will attempt to give clear reasons for the benefits of parental involvement in a child’s education.

  12. Old systems
  13. This study attempts to identify the areas of education where old, outdated systems still dominate the educations process.

  14. New branches of study
  15. This study attempts to give voice to the existence of more fields of academic study than most schools promote. Through this study, we hope to create a sound case for the inclusion of more subjects on the official school curriculum.

  16. Academic materials
  17. This study attempts to show how present day academic tools are ineffective at teaching today’s modern subjects.

  18. Competitive system
  19. This study attempts to identify the problems with our current, competitive education system.

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