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A Quick Guide To The Dissertation Prospectus Format

The prospectus of your research paper is also known as the abstract of your dissertation. Basically, it is intended to provide a brief but thorough guide to your entire piece of work. It should cover many different things, but still be short enough that you can hold your reader’s attention to the end. In most cases, you should aim to write a prospectus that is 250 words or less. In order to achieve so much in so few words, be sure to follow this guide.

Step #1: Write Your Dissertation

Your prospectus is meant to be a summary of your main work, so would it not be easier to write the body of the work first? If you write your abstract prior to the rest of your work, you will likely find yourself one, if not several revisions of this. This is because the prospectus is a reflection of your paper as a whole and if you write the abstract first, it will be a poorly assembled summary of what your peers are going to read.

Step #2: Know Your Reason for the Topic You Chose

One of the most important things to establish in your paper is the purpose for choosing the topic that you did. This will establish your reasoning behind the topic choice. If you established a new method, state the benefits. If you are trying to uncover a deeper understanding of the topic, state this. Make sure this is interesting because it will often determine whether or not your reader will continue to read.

Step 3: State Your Methods and Conclusions

As you write the prospectus, state the methods that you used to reach the conclusions. Then, state what you have concluded from your research. While you need to keep your abstract short, you must also be sure that you reveal all of the information upfront. Provide a brief summary of each section of your works. This will be rather simple if you have already written the meat of your paper as instructed. A good technique is to go section by section and summarize what you put in the sections.

If you have been successful, you will have peaked the interest of your peers by the end of your prospectus enough that they want to read the rest of your dissertation. Following the above guide will help you achieve this goal.

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