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What An Example Of A Good Dissertation Proposal Should Look Like?

There comes a time in school when you will have to write a dissertation proposal before you can be allowed to proceed with other issues. Depending on the kind of structure that you have in your school, most of the time you cannot be allowed to write the final research project without first presenting a proposal that is strategically astute. In fact, most teachers usually make sure you know that if you actually perform well in the proposal, nothing stands between you and the best grades in the final paper.

For those who have never written a paper like this one before, it can be quite a challenge for you. The reason is because you might not know what a good paper looks like. However, that is not supposed to worry you anymore. We will look at some points here that you can work with, so be sure to check it out and figure how to handle the paper that you need to present.

If you can, try and read some samples and you will notice the similarity between the points in here and the samples you have. Make sure your paper has the following:

  • A good title
  • A carefully thought out introduction
  • Amazing discussion points
  • Proper conclusion to the discussions

A good title

The first thing that anyone, and in particular your teacher will always look for in your work is the title. If you get it wrong, you can rest assured that everything else that you might have done from there might not make sense at all. Get the title right and you will be smiling all the way.

This is the first time the teacher gets a look at your work, so you have to keep it captivating and on point, so that they do not think less of your effort.

A carefully thought out introduction

Plan your introduction properly. Make sure that it addresses the key issues that you will be working on through the paper.

Amazing discussion points

The points that you will be discussing in the paper are supposed to be sensible. They have to help you clearly present a strong case, and argue it out to the end.

Proper conclusion to the discussions

Finally, make sure that you end your paper on a high note. Give it the kind of enthusiasm that you provided in the introduction.

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