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Selection Of Excellent Dissertation Ideas On Criminology

Criminology is one of the most intuitive forms of study and there are several ways in which it can bring the best out of an investigative mind. If you are student of criminology, sooner or later there will be a time when you will have to write a dissertation on the subject. And that is generally a time when you come to realize that you are ill-equipped to be writing an academic paper on the subject.

When it comes to writing for criminology, you will note that there are a few exceptions and considerations that need to be made. This is one of the most important topics that you will note about this selection. So while you might be confident about the level of precision that might be required for the subject, there are a few things that can be recollected as well.

Excellent topics for a criminology dissertation

  • Cocaine and the menace of illegal drugs: why have the investigative forces been at the receiving end?
  • Drug trafficking in the third world: how are the problems interrelated with unemployment and poverty?
  • The relation between drugs and crime that almost everybody has seemed to ignore so far
  • Some facts about heroin that make it a very marketable drug in the black market
  • Write a short piece on the legalization of drugs and the effect on the environment
  • Why is it that the consumption of marijuana goes unnoticed by so many people?
  • Is opium among the most readily available drugs in the world?
  • Steroids have known side effects. Why are they not criminalized by the governments?
  • Is the war on drugs a one-sided battle where governments have not joined the attempts of the people?
  • Forfeiture: civil and criminal offenses are not lined up properly
  • The attempts at counterterrorism have seen mixed results. Comment
  • There are a few basics of crime scene investigation that some top organizations seem to miss. Comment
  • Criminal justice has always had a dispensable record in poorer countries. Why?
  • What is so right about the criminal procedure conducted in the wild?
  • The FBI is the only legal crime fighting organization in the states. Comment
  • The law enforcement history of the United States has been decently tainted
  • Should reforms be introduced in li detection laws of the US?
  • Will it be right to send petty criminals to correctional homes instead of jail?
  • Are all methods used in police interrogation legit? What are some human rights complications involved?

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