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Excellent PhD Thesis Topics In Commerce In Pakistan

When you elect to obtain your PhD in commerce, you can select a focus country on industry. The country of Pakistan has a booming commerce trade in quite a few products. This is a cutting edge topic, and would make for a good subject for your thesis. Remember, this paper will be very extensive and may take up to a year to complete. If you are interested in this country, then you should consider some of our excellent topics on Pakistan and commerce.

Excellent PhD Thesis Topics: Commerce in Pakistan

  • Explore the long history of multilateral and unilateral agreement the country has with many other organizations and other countries
  • Discuss the membership in the World Trade Organization, the Pakistan Free Trade Agreement, the UU Generalized
  • Scheme of Preferences, or the South Asian Free Trade Area compact.
  • The trade exports have increased vastly over the last ten years, explore this trend and what products are being exported and to where they are being exported.
  • Take a close look at inward and outward stocks, as the foreign direct investment.
  • Textiles and clothing are a large part of the exports, look closer at these goods, where they are going, and how much is going out of the country.
  • Consider the trade diversification programs and the effects of these programs.
  • Look at the role of politics in the exports and imports of commerce from the country.
  • You must consider the treatment of workers and human and labour rights when you look closely at the practices of this country.
  • Questions how the heavy reliance on export of textiles and clothing could be a bad move for a country.
  • Look at the owners of the major export companies and their history in the business. There are a lot of companies that have a strong family history in the field.
  • Consider an in-depth report on the Prime Minister Trade loan that is available as well as other means for people to borrow money for their companies and trades in the country.
  • A lot of local cities have strong chambers of commerce‚Äôs which impact and play big roles in the industry. Look at some of the most active, and the help they provide to the members.
  • There has been an unexpected push in the country to promote women entrepreneurs. This has not been the case in the past. Look at how and why this change is occurring.

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